Marco Polo Tourism & Travel Agency

Dear Traveller,

Marco Polo Tourism & Travel Agency was first established in 1984 as a travel agency located in the heart of the old city of Sultanahmet and it has been serving its clients with such professionalism and friendly service since then that it has become one of the  leading travel agencies in  Turkey.

Our staff  is dedicated to fullfill and even surpass your expectations regarding your travel needs in Turkey and to make your stay here a very comfortable and unforgettable one.

Our aim is to provide our clients with as much value for money as possible and to ensure that they get the best possible service available.

Our itineraries are flexible, covering a wide variety of personal interests to maximise our client's satisfaction. Whether you want to travel in an organized group, or on your own, or a little of both, we help you  in finding the right mix to suit your needs.

We work in full cooperation  with the most respected tourism institutions, hotels, airlines and coach companies all round Turkey to arrange "tailor made" tours that serve for a variety of speacial interests including cultural, religious and adventure tours with hostel to 5-star hotel servicess.

With our license given by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Turkey, we are a member of TURSAB, officially recognized association of Turkish travel agencies and we are also a leading IATA flight center  in  Turkey.